Grease Gutter

Grease Gutter can Guard the Rooftop from the Damaging Effects of Roof Top Grease

The Grease Gutter is an excellent solution for preventing rooftop grease collection. Absorption materials absorb grease while allowing water to pass through. This system is an off-the-roof containment device,making it very easy to visibly insure that grease does not reach the rooftop.Constructed of V-O polymers, it is weather resistant and will last for years.

For applications where the Grease Gutter can’t fit, the Side kick is another solution for systems with wall mount fans and unusually constructed ventilation.

A solution for fans that have a side drain for grease collection, The Grease Box is filled with absorption pillows that absorb grease and allow water to pass through. It is constructed of 24 gauge,galvanized sheet metal to withstand high wind, snow, heavy rain, ice and hail.