Guard Your Rooftop from Grease

Solutions for Rooftop Grease Control

“Out of sight, out of mind” is not a solution when it comes to rooftop grease that comes from a kitchen exhaust system. Most restaurant owners, landlords and property managers rarely inspect the roof’s condition and easily overlook the unseen affects and possible impact that the collections of roof top grease can have on a cooking establishment.

Causes of Rooftop Grease from Cooking

Fats, oils and grease that become aerosols during the cooking process travel through the kitchen exhaust system. The fat, oil and grease aerosols solidify when they come in contact with a cool surface such as the duct and fan or they go through the kitchen exhaust fan where the spinning of the air causes them to precipitate and collect on the blades and the fan housing. The fan blades typically will build up an excess of grease, causing run off onto the rooftop.

Guard Against Hazards from Rooftop Grease

Guarding against roof top grease can have significant impact on the roof membrane. Membranes that are composed of a tar-like substance will break down as they absorb the fats, oils and grease. Many commercial buildings are now using white vinyl materials on rooftops, which can be compromised by grease by causing seams to give way and holes to develop in the membrane. Membrane break down leads to leaks, causing further damage to the building’s structure.In addition to the structural damage the runoff from rooftop grease can lead to environmental hazards as the fats, oils and grease find their way into the storm water runoff that makes its way to the rivers and streams. And finally, grease deposits on the roof are potential fuel source for a fire.

Grease Gutter can Guard the Rooftop from the Damaging Effects of Roof Top Grease

The Grease Gutter is an excellent solution for preventing rooftop grease collection. Absorption materials absorb grease while allowing water to pass through. This system is an off-the-roof containment device,making it very easy to visibly insure that grease does not reach the rooftop.Constructed of V-O polymers, it is weather resistant and will last for years.

For applications where the Grease Gutter can’t fit, the Side kick is another solution for systems with wall mount fans and unusually constructed ventilation.

A solution for fans that have a side drain for grease collection, The Grease Box is filled with absorption pillows that absorb grease and allow water to pass through. It is constructed of 24 gauge,galvanized sheet metal to withstand high wind, snow, heavy rain, ice and hail.

Grease Lock Reduces Grease from the Filters to the Roof Top

The Grease Lock System is one of the best ways to reduce grease in the kitchen exhaust system and protect a roofing system by preventing grease from ever reaching the membrane. Facilitec Southwest is pleased to offer the in-the-kitchen grease containment system from Ellis Fibre's: The Grease Lock System.